Enjoy your Peace-of-Mind by extending the life of your purchase! At Star, we value the importance of your furniture and mattress as a part of your home. We have created the most complete plans to offer peace of mind by protecting your investment.

Star’s Peace-of-Mind Protection Plans are the most competitive in the industry. Our protection plans offer the best protection at very competitive prices.

We have the right option for you! We offer 3 or 5 year Peace-of-Mind furniture protection. In addition, we offer our 10-Year Peace-of-Mind Adjustable base and our 10–Year Peace-of-Mind Mattress protection.


Accidental stains to fabric, leather, vinyl upholstery or solid surface furniture as a result of:
  Fabric Leather & Vinyl Solid Surface
Breakage of frames, panels or springs
Breakage of reclining, lifting, heading and/or vibrating mechanisms
Failure of integral electrical components
Separation of veneers or laminates from the substrate    
Loss of silvering on mirrors    
Seam separation  
Fading from exposure to direct sunlight
Breakage of zippers & buttons  
Breakage of hinges, handles, drawer glides and pulls, and nail head trim not to exceed $200 per agreement
A specific post-delivery incident which occurs during normal residential user results in accidental damage, including:
All stain types, including dye bleed and dye transfer onto or into upholstery fabric, leather or vinyl
Punctures, rips or burns
Liquid marks or rings
Household heat marks
Gouges, dents, scratches or chips that penetrate the finish exposing the substrate    
Damage caused by nail polish remover
Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish caused by specific incident    
Glass or mirror chipping, breakage or scratches    
Pet damage - single incident



Mechanical and structural breakdowns to fabrics and unit as a result of:

  • Breakage of reclining, lifting, heating and/or vibrating mechanisms
  • Breakage of welds
  • Breakage of steel frames
  • Failure of integral electrical components, including wiring, motors and remove control devices



A specific, single incident, which occurs after delivery that results in accidental damage, including:

  • Structural breakdown of mattress and box spring/foundation
  • All stains
  • Punctures, rips and burns

Q: What does the protection plan provide?

When covered accidents occur, you’ll receive live assistance from our team of customer service experts, in-home service from a certified, professional technician when necessary, and replacement furniture if we can’t repair your covered problem.

Q: What furniture is covered under the Peace-of-Mind protection plans?

Star's Peace-of-Mind Protection Plans include coverage for all indoor furniture and mattresses. See plans for details on coverage, AS-IS or final sale merchandise.

Q: Why do I need protection for my furniture?

Your furniture is an investment. Accidents happen and our Peace-of-Mind protection plans offer the assistance you need. Your furniture will be serviced by furniture experts with an unparalleled reputation for excellent service.

Q: How long does the plan provide coverage?

Coverage extends for the term purchased as indicated on your sales receipt. Coverage begins from the original delivery date.

Q: When do I purchase the Peace-of-Mind Protection Plan?

Star's Protection Plans must be selected when you purchase your new furniture and mattresses. Please be sure to review your sales receipt to ensure the protection plan has been added, because it must be included at the time of purchase.

Q: How do I file a claim?

Our customer care professionals are ready to assist you. To file a claim, click here, call 888-750-6075 (Mon -Sat 8am-9pm CST) or email within 30 days of noticing the accident.

Q: What can I expect if I file a claim?

To expedite the process, you will be asked to fill out a Service Request Form to the best of your ability. This will identify which item(s) was damaged, the extent of damage and when and where the accident occurred. You can also submit photos. This packet will be reviewed to determine the next steps for your claim.


You must report covered problems within (30) days of noticing the accident. Peace-of-Mind protection plans do not cover future incompatibility with technology/ application updates.

Your Investment
Star's Peace-of-Mind Furniture Protection Plans
Furniture Ticket Total 3 Year 5 Year
$0-499.99 ticket $69.99 $99.99
$500-999.99 ticket $99.99 $149.99
$1,000-1,499.99 ticket $149.99 $229.99
$1,500-1,999.99 ticket $179.99 $279.99
$2,000-2,499.99 ticket $229.99 $339.99
$2,500-2,999.99 ticket $279.99 $399.99
$3,000-3,999.99 ticket $339.99 $469.99
$4,000-4,999.99 ticket $399.99 $529.99
$5,000-5,999.99 ticket $469.99 $599.99
$6,000-7,999.99 ticket $649.99 $799.99
$8,000-9,999.99 ticket $799.99 $999.99
$10,000-14,999.99 ticket $999.99 $1,299.99
$15,000-19,999.99 ticket $1,299.99 $1,599.99
$20,000-29,999.99 ticket $1,799.99 $2,199.99
$30,000-39,999.99 ticket $2,299.99 $2,899.99
$40,000-49,999.99 ticket $2,799.99 $3,699.99
Price of Item Adjustable Base Mattress Protection
$0-999 $119.99 $119.99
$1,000-1,999 $299.99 $219.99
$2,000-2,999 $339.99 $279.99
$3,000-3,999 $399.99 $339.99
$4,000-4,999 $469.99 $399.99
$5,000-7,499 $599.99 $499.99
$7,500-9,999 $699.99 $599.99
$10,000-19,999 - $699.99